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Saturday, October 29, 2011

County Food Show...Surprise!

We thought we had missed it!  I had it on my schedule for last weekend and we were supposed to take pictures and generally help out throughout the event.  However, Thursday evening I was talking to one of the other parents and found out it was today.  I decided that we should go even though we were not entering any food dishes to follow through with our commitments. (Very important 4H skill sis to take responsibility to "make the best better.")

We gathered everyone and headed out the door and arrived early (only because we got the time wrong!) and found a lot of help was needed.  All of a sudden Sean became the official greeter showing everyone to their designated set up location.  Henry started taking pictures.  I was volunteered to judge categories.  Thank goodness I thought to bring an activity for the younger boys to do so they would not need direct attention.

Judging was fun...I had never judged a food contest.  I was impressed with the intermediate group.  They know more about food than many adults.  I especially enjoyed seeing the young girl coming to her first show, Jasmyne, who thought she was supposed to cook her recipe at the show.  She quickly went into the kitchen and had her recipe (Stuffed Bell Peppers) made in time to show! 

After judging, I suggested that we review the My Plate information because the 4Hers were not fully presenting the nutrition guidelines. many things in life...if you make suggestions be ready to follow through...I was asked to give out information after the contest results were announced.  It was a good opportunity for Sean to present what he knows about My Plate.  So we were happy to do it.

Then they realized no one had judged the displays, so I judged the displays for all age groups.  I was once again impressed with the displays.  They did a great job with themed presentations.  However the one I enjoyed the most was perfect way to center her theme around her dish.  Rozalinn had prepared Andouille (Shrimp Cream Soup) for her main dish category.  She got really clever with her display by creating a lighthouse scene.  The lighthouse was made from a ship steering wheel and a tall candy dish with peaked top.  This held the main soup.  Then she had a boat shaped bowl to hold a serving of her soup.  She also added a large shell to hold her napkin and spoon.  Just add water!  Very creative!

Then after all the announcements of category winners were made, we were told there were extra categories available to go to District Food Show in February.  Since there were no others Senior 4Hers interested in advancing, Sean was asked to represent our county in the Fruit&Vegetable category!  He was so excited!!  Thank goodness we have time to work out the details! 

Here are some of our first place winners:


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