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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Service Opportunities Continue

I learned long ago that there is never a bad time to give to others.  Some might say that 4H is over for the year and we can take a break from all our activities.  However, I see no reason not to continue giving back to our community.  So, yesterday we helped out at the VA Clinic once again.

We had a small group that made sandwiches (tuna, turkey, and ham) and served them to the veterans.  It was nice to have a new family join us for the experience. Robin, Zach and Taylor had donated food to the project in the past but had not served.  That gave us three extra hands in prep work and in the cafe area.  Sean and Henry were thankful for the conversation in between serving as well.

We served over 50 veterans as we stayed at the clinic for three hours.  Everyone had other places to go so I stayed an additional two hours talking to a veteran who seemed to need the conversation.  It was a good experience all around.  I even learned some information about water processing!  You never know what will happen at the VA Clinic with the veterans.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Texas 4H Congress

The Texas 4H Congress started today.  This is an event where the 4Hers take over the Capitol Building in Austin for a few days while the normal session is not in order to try their skills as legislators.  Although our family was not able to participate, we had three of our seniors (Caleb, Katy and Treyton) attend from our club.  I hope to hear back from them so I can re-post some of the experience for you.

UPDATE-July 16, 2012
No updates from our group but I did find a picture on Facebook that proves some of them were present.  Unfortunately, it is only a picture of the BACK of their heads.  I even watched the live streaming today in hopes of a glance of them in action.  So here is what I have for now and still hoping for more information when they return.

UPDATE-July 17, 2012
It sounds like the group is doing well and enjoying the experience.  I did manage to see Caleb today on the live telecast giving the voting record for our county.  I believe the group met with Gov. Perry as I found a picture on Facebook with each district taking a picture with him.

UPDATE-July 21, 2012

I got word from Treyton about his experience at 4H Congress.  It sounds like they had a great time.  This is what he said:

Highlights from Congress:
Sunday - 7/15 - toured the State Capitol and attended reception at The Sheraton.
Monday - 7/16 - First day in Congress, Treyton & Katy bills were presented before the committee.  Caleb commented on a few bills on the House floor.  Katy debated on the texting bill.  House Representative - Brian Hughes (District 5) spoke with the 4-Hers in his district.
50's themed party - Treyton was a school jockey with lettermen sweater, Katy - polka-dotted dress, and Caleb- t-bird (greaser). 
Tuesday - 7/17 - last day at Congress.  A lot of discussion on the House floor.  Hot topics - human's eating horse meat, and texting while driving.  Both were passed in the House.  Met Governor Perry.  The governors speech was awesome.  He was a 4-Her and had received the Gold Star award.  Attended a gala reception that evening at the Sheraton.
Wednesday - 7/18 - toured Lady Bird Johnson's wildflower center, toured State Cemetery, hiked down by Lady Bird Lake, toured down town Austin.  Mr. Obama was in Austin on Tuesday night raising funds for the presidential race.  Treyton, Caleb & Brennan saw the motorcade from their motel room window.  Came home through Bastrop and saw the results from the fire.  Brenda & Myra did a little genealogy on the way home.  Brenda found her great grandfathers first wive's grave. (No kin but that was fun to find).  Toured old Dime Box, Texas.  A neat town (looks like people just moved away and left it as it was).  In fact there is a truck on the rack at the old garage.   

A very educational experience.  I learned about how a bill is written, presented to committee, sent to the House, discussed on the floor and then passed or fail.  A wonderful experience to end my 4-H career.  I would highly recommend going and would do it again if I had the chance.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Recordbook Results are In!!!

Just a quick note to say we found out the results for record books.  We had over 40 entries in our county and several of our 4Hers were able to continue to the District level.  I will try to get names of everyone later and add in this info.

Then we had six books from our county (seniors only) go on to State level judging, including Sean (Entomology), Treyton (Recreation) and Katy (Home Environment).  Congrats to all!  We will find out results for this level later in August.

Now we are in a rush to redo some of the book after reading comments from previous judges.  We have to have books into the office by Friday!