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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wildlife Review

Today we just had a two hour review of last week's contest.  Everyone had a chance to find out if their answers were correct and ask questions.  Now we all know what we need to study for the next two weeks!

Then we identified plants and animal preferences.  A special thanks to Treyton and Henry for finding some plants on the property for everyone to identify. 

We found 18 plants without even looking too hard:

American Beautyberry (deer, quail)
Blackcherry (squirrel, turkey)
Black-gum (squirrel, turkey)
Croton (deer, quail, turkey, dove)
Dogwood (deer, squirrel, quail, turkey)
Grapes (deer, squirrel, quail, turkey)
Greenbriar (deer)
Elm (deer, squirrel, turkey)
Hickory (squirrel)
Magnolia (squirrel, waterfowl)
Mulberry (squirrel)
Postoak (deer, squirrel, quail, turkey, waterfowl)
Red maple (squirrel)
Sassafras (deer)
Southern Red Oak (squirrel, turkey, waterfowl)
Sumac-littleleaf (deer, quail, turkey, dove)
White Oak (squirrel, waterfowl)
Yaupon (squirrel, quail)

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