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Friday, October 21, 2011

Last Night's Club Meeting

So...I was so quick to talk about how great Dustin was that I forgot to mention that we did have a club meeting last night also. 

It was a nice short meeting so we could prepare for the crowd that joined us to meet Dustin.  It made me think that we should have a celebrity come speak at all of our meetings!  LOL!  No really, we were able to finish all of our normal business in about half the time!  We even had time for a quick refreshment before Dustin arrived.

The members did a great job of staying focused but covering all the business for the month.  We talked about all of our projects, our raffle fundraiser, and upcoming events.  We even had time to review the proposed changes in our bylaws and vote to accept the changes.  Not bad for thirty minutes! 

Henry did a great job leading our Texas pledge.  Then after the minutes were read, Henry made a motion to accept the minutes with Sean's quick second to the motion.  Sean later seconded a motion to accept the treasure's report.

Henry also gave the photography project report.  He is getting better...we could actually hear him tonight!  Sean gave the computer science report.  He was excited to be able to tell the group that his Dad would lead the project.  He also gave a report on the Gold Star banquet. 

I want to brag on one of our members...somehow I missed her participation in a clothing & textile contest at the Texas State Fair.  Brianna entered two garments (I will need to ask her what she made!) and won third place.  Congratulations!

I also would like to say that our president Caleb did a great job of opening our meeting with an inspirational verse from Nahum 1:7, "The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him."

Henry then ended the meeting by giving out a door prize and announcing the snack for the evening.  All that just in time for the crowd to show up!  Truly amazing!  Now what famous person can we get to come to our next meeting?  LOL!

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