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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dustin is One Top Shot!

When my boys and I heard that a young man from a neighboring town was on a marksmanship reality show, we had to check it out.  It was more a curiosity to see how he could shoot a historical weapon.  Little did we know that he would one day go on to be one of the top four contestants on he show or that he would be coming to our club meeting as a guest speaker.  However, more than anything, we did not know he was going to turn out to be such a great guy! 

As the weeks progressed, we became more and more interested in Dustin Ellerman's ability to profess his deep love for the Lord among tough guys who did not seem to care.  He held his own as others (specifically Jake) ridiculed him.  Dustin's only response was to torture them with kindness!  His smile became contagious an the other contestants on the show seemed to begin to respect him not only for his ability to shoot a weapon but also for his ability to keep that smile on his face. 

He has become a role model for my boys that I have encouraged.  In fact, I think he has become a role model for all of us.  He truly emulates what a true Christian should be.  He even spoke about being a camp director at a Christian camp. 

So, after watching the show for the first four weeks, we decided to ask him if he would be interested in coming to talk to our 4H club.  It seemed providential that the day after I tried to contact him I read an article in the newspaper that he had spoke to another 4H group in the area.  Soon after he emailed and plans were made for this month's club meeting. 

Then the weeks passed and Dustin continued to do well in the show.  The boys could hardly wait to see the next show.  And the thought of his appearance at our club meeting was becoming more and more the subject of our day. 

Together with the club manager we made the decision to open up our meeting for all the 4H clubs in our county.  We also decided to make the event into a canned food drive.  Anyone who would like to come hear Dustin speak would need to donate at least 5 cans of food to our food drive. 

We could not have asked for a better turn out!  Tonight people began to arrive quickly and the large room began to fill.  We had over 100 people in attendance!  We were also able to collect over 150 cans of food for our local homeless shelter! 

Dustin arrived and true to his nature he began talking with the kids, taking pictures, and signing autographs much to his chagrin.  He put up with it all with patience and humility.  He never questioned the time he spent with the group.  He never lost that great smile!

He spoke to the group about his experience on the show.  He spoke about the weapons and his love of shooting and hunting.  He spoke about the other members of the show with respect.  He even shared how he tried to work with Jake.  One of my favorite stories was about his talks he had with the members about God.  He told us that Mike (we call him Superman) told him soon after the taping for the show began that Dustin was one the coolest Christians he had ever met.  Then there was Bill (he had to leave the show early because his wife was having complications with pregnancy) who asked Dustin how he could stop cursing because he wanted to do it as a gift for his child.  Dustin also spoke about other times he was able to discuss what Christians believed about certain issues. 

Through the talk to the group he showed that all that we see on the show is genuine.  He really does care about others and sharing the Word of God with everyone he meets.  Once again, I knew that he was a good role model for our boys.

Then he spent over an hour talking to the kids, taking pictures, and signing autographs.  Once again never showing any sign of weariness, only patience for those around him.

We can't thank him enough for coming out to the club meeting.  He shared what we all want to see in our youth in 4H.  The desire to "make the best better" by touching the lives of those around them.  Keeping a positive attitude and persevering through life with a lot of prayer and commitment.

Thanks Dustin!  You are our Top Shot regardless of the outcome of the finale next week!

To see more information about Dustin and his time on Top Shot or his camp go to Camp His Way website.

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  1. He is, and always has been, one neat "kid". So glad we were able to have him be a member of our homeschooling community ... and look forward to watching him raise his own family.