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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Full Day of Fun!

We had an exciting day today ending with a community watch party with Dustin on Top Shot finale...but I am getting ahead of myself.

We started out with a review day for Wildlife contest.  With our contest coming up quickly NEXT week, we needed the review.  However, I know it has been a long week for most of us so I decided to have a little fun with the group.  We played Jeopardy!  Thanks to a nifty program I found on the Internet a few years ago, I collected enough questions for three rounds.  We split up into groups about a little bit of everything.

The first round categories were:
  • Tails and Ears
  • Cry Baby
  • Colorful Wings
  • Food for the Holidays
  • Nut Hogs 
Then in the second round we had all the plant ID and preferences:

  • Vines/Shrubs
  • Flowers/Annuals
  • Miscellaneous
  • Trees
  • Grasses
Our final round included:
  • Wildlife Management
  • Hunter Safety
  • Habitat Evaluation
  • Techniques
  • Game Laws 
We had a lot of excitement and found we had some very competitive groups.  However, in the end it taught us what we know and what we need to know.  Don't forget to check out the hunter safety course.  Also go back to earlier post that has other sites for review each Tuesday.

After this meeting, we hurried over to the Godtel to drop off all the canned goods we had collected last week.  They were very appreciative and asked when we would come again.  Hopefully we can make that trip to the center soon.

The group shaking out their stress
so they could perform well.
Then we were off to the park to meet for our first Share the Fun project meeting.  This is a great project for those who like to perform.  This year our senior group is going to perform the poem, Ragged Old Flag, written by Johnny Cash.  I will tell you more about this as we get the details pinned down.  Hopefully soon as we are to perform the skit for Veteran's Day.

Henry trying out his
Top Shot stance
Sean watching Caleb trying
his hand at the bow
Dustin answering questions during commercial breaks
Then the excitement of the evening.  We all went to the season finale party for Top Shot.  Dustin did an awesome job once again.  I think he surprised us all with all of his amazing shots.  Once again he proved he remains a humble servant of the Lord. 

We got to meet his entire family and just loved to see how he showed he is still the same down to earth guy who can now officially be called the Top Shot!  He told the crowd that of everything that happened he was glad to be a witness to others.  He also said it goes to show you how awesome God can be...He took a love of shooting and turned into a way to witness to the WORLD!!! how awesome it is to be a Christian! 

His parting words to the crowd were, “God can use you to do big, good things. Listen to God and obey him.”  And while he said he didn’t know God would use shooting to help him spread the message of Christianity, “He’s a cool and big God, and he can do that.”

Thank you once again Dustin for your great example to us all!
Dustin and his family after the big win on Top Shot

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