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Monday, October 3, 2011

Gold Star Banquet

As I settle back in my comfy desk chair and think about the evening, I cannot help but smile and be proud of our 4H club tonight.  From the creative work on the decorations for the banquet to the leadership throughout the program, not to mention the awards themselves, I saw our club shine.

Thanks go out to Mrs. Brenda for her creative ideas to turn a boring building into a county fair.  We even had our own Big Tex (Texas State Fair statue) drawn by our club artist, Katy.  He made an awesome back drop for picture taking!  Then we gathered up canned goods in jars and art work from past contests and set to work (again mostly Mrs. Brenda) and made it look great! 

Once the night began, we enjoyed a great meal and conversation.  This was followed by the presentation of the awards.  Sean got us started by welcoming our special guests, County Commissioner from Precinct 1 and a representative from Polk Oil Company.  Treyton introduced the county council and recognized all the clubs present at the event.  Sean then stepped forward again to present those 4H members who completed a record book.  We had 54 record books from our county this year!  Sean was a pro at shaking hands and handing out the certificates by the time we finished!

The 4H Spirit Awards are given out to the junior and teen members who show the most 4H spirit over the last year.  The clubs each submit a nomination and the county council takes a vote to determine who should win this award.  It is a great honor given by 4H peers and motivation to see others emulate the meaning of 4H in their club and community.  This year the awards were given out to Jennings and Corinne. 

Each year the county also presents a special recognition to the business who helps promote and support 4H throughout the year.  This year the award was given to Polk Oil Company for its continuous efforts to provide scholarships and support for 4H activities.

Our club president, Caleb, was also given the Teen Leader award for his dedication in assisting in his projects.  He is always available to help as needed.  This is true not only for our club events but also at County and State events.  Proud to have him leading our club! 

I even found myself be recognized for my 4H efforts tonight.  I had actually received an award called Salute to Excellence last May.  However, they recognized me again tonight.  I am just so glad to volunteer to help the youth.  I feel blessed and honored to be noticed for these efforts. 

The main highlight of the evening is the Gold Star award.  The Gold Star Award is the highest county achievement award and will be awarded only once in a member’s 4-H career. Counties have award quotas based on the number of senior 4-H members. The award is presented to the most deserving young people. The member must have completed at least 3 years in 4-H, and submitted an awards program recordbook, including three different project areas.

Last year, two of our seniors were honored with this award, so they were given the opportunity to present the award to this years recipients, Corrine and Whitney.  These two girls work very hard to make the beset better in their clubs, community and beyond. 

It really was a great evening!  It reminds us of all we have done and helps us set goals for the next year to 'make the best better!'

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