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Friday, October 7, 2011

One Day for One Little Girl

As long as I can remember 4H has set aside a week in October as National 4H Week.  For the last few years, 4H has decided to take some time during the 4H promotion week to give back to the community.  Taking straight from the 4H website:
"One day 4-H is one day for all the 4-H members, parents, leaders, and volunteers to step out into their communities and county and say "thank you" by giving back for them more than 103 years of support to 4-H in Texas. This day of community service is what ever each 4-H members, club, or county 4-H Program wants it to be. It could be as simple as picking up trash and mowing the lawn for senior citizens to elaborate as hosting a 5K Walk/Run and raising money for a cause."

This year our club (along with others in the county) chose to help a little girl named Hannah.

Last Monday night, we all sat at banquet tables enjoying a nice meal and honoring the hard work from the past year of 4H. I posted on this that night. However, one part of the story I waited to share with you today. At the end of the night, our county 4H agent got up and gave a heart-felt thank you to all of the 4Hers who helped his family through a very difficult time.

Over the summer, he said he felt like his family was alone as doctors looked to find out what was wrong with his 2-year old daughter, Hannah. He said they went through 2 weeks of feeling very alone.  They would find out that she has Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.   Then he said he returned home to find out that he was not alone because the 4Hers were there to help him. 

He has proved to be the strong man we have grown to respect as he spoke these words.  What he did not know is that we had already decided that the best way we could help his family was to make this our One Day project. 

We knew that Hannah's treatment requires the family to travel to Houston once per week for six months. To help with travel and medical expenses not covered by their insurance, they would need extra help.  In the last month, we have provided meals and activities for the family as they travel to the Houston clinic each week. We will continue this effort throughout the treatment process.

The next day we kicked off our plan by presenting him a check.  Together with another county club, we sold raffle tickets over the last month in honor of Hannah.  We were able to raise $1200.  This was a complete surprise to our county agent.   It was great to see the look of gratitude on his face!

Then we heard that a dinner and silent auction had been planned. Our club members had the opportunity to bake desserts for the silent auction.  We even had a lap quilt made by Brianna for the auction.  We also had several members from our club help in serving the meal and with clean up at the end of the evening.  We were there from start to finish and had a great time helping raise money for Hannah.
Sean was so pleased that someone he knew won the auction for his key lime pie.  It sold for $25.  Henry made a lava cake that sold for $20.  All together our club auctioned off $100 worth of desserts and almost $50 for Brianna's quilt.  Even the little guys were able to help with clean up after the guests left.  And in the end we raised almost $5000.  The hard work paid off and we were able to help little Hannah.

And I can not end the post without saying that the most important effort our club has taken is to pray for little Hannah to be healed and her family to have the strength to continue.  God is good and our agent continues to stay positive throughout the ordeal.  We are so proud of him and his family...they are an inspiration to all of us to persevere in times of trial.
Just another way 4H tries to "make the best better!"

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