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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Inspiration in Devastation

Well, we headed off to my mother's this weekend and we could not stay away from our 4H motto to 'make the best better.'

You see, on September 4th, my mother and I were talking about the following weekend trip to her house.  However, those plans were cancelled when the next morning I was called and told that a terrible wildfire was sweeping through Bastrop (the town was in the direct route we would be taking). 

In actuality, the wildfires were sweeping through many parts of Texas.  Over the last six months, over 23,519 fires had burned 3,795,280 acres, 2,742 homes (1,939 of which were destroyed over the Labor Day weekend), and over 4,000 other structures.  This has been devastating to homeowners, farmers, and businesses in the areas affected and brings fear to all those who still suffere from the drought.  We have had such little rain in Texas this year that the potential for more fires is a reality.

4H has not been left unaware of this problem and many clubs have stepped to try to help those in need.  We have been collecting water for the volutneer fire departments in the area.  We posted early this month about the boys delivering water.  We also had more water at our county extension office that was picked up by a volunteer fire department this last week.

One of the other things we have done is collected new packages of socks and underwear for those in the Bastrop area.  We were told we could mail them to the county extension office; however, the boys wanted to deliver the items in person as we began our delayed trip to 'granma's house' this last weekend. 

This is not fall color but burn out trees
that will need to be cut down
As we approached Bastrop, we saw for ourselves the widespread affects of the wildfires.  Even though it has been a month since the fire, we could still smell the over-powering smell of burning and smoke.  The fire is still not completely contained (only 98%) at this time and the volunteer fire departments continue to work on the remaining embers. 

If you look past the burnt out trees, you will see several cars
that could not be moved before the fire took over the poroperty
In spite of the terrible sights we saw, we also were inspired by those who have not stopped working to clean up the mess left behind.  We watched people piling up debris and cutting down the remaining burnt out trees.  My mother also told me about meeting those who were left without homes.  She had yet to meet anyone without a smile and faith that all will be ok.  Most were happy to evacuate without injuries.  The only time you hear of anyone upset is when they speak of the animals that could not be saved. 

The boys being silly but also showing
that they cared about the community

We arrived at the Bastrop County Extension Office.  We had 54 items (socks, underwear, tshirts) to deliver.  The agent was so pleased and thankful for the donation.  She told us that many were still unsure of what would happen but were hopeful.  The main need is gift cards for groceries.  We will try to collect money for this need as well over the next few weeks. 

This made us appreciate our homes and family a little more.  May God bless all of those who try to prevent and contain the fires in our state.  You are all in our prayers.

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