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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Show of 4H Fun

Well...we started out with a mess...two 4H events going at the same time.  However, we figured out a way to make it work.  I don't do this often but we split up and went to both projects.

I dropped Sean and Henry off at a Share the Fun practice.  Thankfully, they were planning scenery and I would not have been much help anyway.  I went to the County Fashion Show to take pictures and judge the entries.

The Fashion Show is fun at the county level because we try to have it at a nursing home.  It gives the 4H members an opportunity to give back to the community.  It also allows to have an audience for the members t practice presentation.  We also try to provide food for all involved.  I arrived in time with our vegetable tray to watch the set up.  It was nice to sit back and not worry about outfits for a change.  I took pictures of the county team create a Wow! Window.  In this contest, a group (or individual) creates a shop window to attract customers.  The team did a great job of creating a county fair theme.  On the day of contest they will have 90 minutes to set up their window, so tonight all adult hands were eliminated giving the 4H members a chance to practice set up.

Since I was a judge, I was called back to look at a new contest-Taps, Tassels and Tacks-Shoe Fun.  The idea was to design and create a shoe related to a certain theme.  This year the theme was Stars, Stripes and Clovers.  There were some very creative shoe designs.

I also judged the fashion boards.  These are created to present a themed clothing design.  This year's theme was Clothing Around the World.  This fit right in with Brianna's outfit, which was a specialty creation from Czech Republic.  We also had an entry from Rozalinn for an India design.  Both girls worked very hard to create their fashion boards.

I finished judging these categories just in time to watch the Fashion Show.  They started our show with our sweet little Clover Kid, Valerie.  She created a cute cupcake apron for herself and her doll.  I loved the way she walked down the lane with her doll cuddled in her arms.  She also did a great job answering our questions after the show.  I love working with the little ones.  Everything is so fresh and new!

Next was Brianna in her beautiful Czech creation!  She did a wonderful job of walking the lane.  She also did the best job for the night answering questions for the judges.  I loved her costume.  It reminded me of our days in Germany.  The girls still wear the tradition dress on special holidays or town celebrations.  There is a lot of symbolism behind all the colors and frills!

Treyton was our only Senior this year.  He had a costume as well, marching out in his General MacArthur costume.  He has kept his military hero theme going all year.  It all started with our Share the Fun skit.  Then he used it for a themed food contest earlier in the fall.  Now he showed off his costume in the Fashion Show.  It makes me think of how easy record book time will be for him if he keeps the theme going.

Rozalinn stepped out in her spring outfit.  She had a cute sun dress with jacket.  I loved the material on the dress and the rickrack really set off the dress for a unique look.  It looked so nice and crisp with the seams so perfect!  She has learned so much about the interview process from this project and her food project.

Jasmyne came forward in a black semi-formal with rhinestones.  She looked so beautiful!  This is her first year to participate and she did well.  It is hard to stand before three judges for the interview.  There is still plenty of time to practice.  All the 4Hers worked hard to be ready for our local show.  I am sure they will all represent our county well!

When I picked the boys up, they told me all about the ideas for the scenery.  It sounds like we are going to have simple decorations.  Since the idea is to honor the flag through out the skit, the main focus will be on the flag.  Each character will be in the costume portraying their historic figure and the background will not change.  The idea is a young man questions the importance of the flag to an older gentleman.  So they are siting on a park bench in front of the county courthouse.  The historical characters will come out in costume with props that relate to a scene with the flag.  Hopefully, we can continue this idea as we continue with practice throughout the next month.

We all have a lot of work to do to get ready for the District Round Up.  Looking forward to seeing all the hard work bring fruitful results.

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