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Friday, March 16, 2012

Back to the Wild

Wildlife project that is...Now we are over our first WHEP contest and a little time before the next one we are back to studying Wildife.  For a small number of our group that means going to the State contest in West Texas next month.  We are very excited!

However, we have to study new material and a small variation of format.  The rules have changed and new workbook arrived this week.  We knew this was coming but have not had a lot of time to focus on it.  Today we started back in full force!

I think it is interesting to study the plants, which was our main focus today.  On this contest there are a lot of grasses and other plants that we have never seen.  I mean, how many of you know what any of these plants/trees are: Sumac Skunkbush, Lotebush, Chittimwood, Ephedra, Elbowbush, Old man's beard, Tallow weed, or Wolfberry, along with 60 other plants!

But, it is so much fun learning about these plants and how they are used by the wildlife in Texas.  So we set out today to learn these plants.  We finally decide that the best plan to learn about them all was to divide and conquer.  Each team member was given a list of plants to look up and learn.  Next week we will present what we find to the group.  It is a great way for them to lead as well as learn.  We continue to "make the best better" by improving our knowledge of our state plants and wildlife.

And in case you were wondering about those plants.  Here are pictures of some of them:

 old man's beard

You'll just have to look the other's up for yourself!  LOL!  

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