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Monday, March 19, 2012

Bugs!...I mean Insects

This is the project Sean waits for with great anticipation each year.  Really we never stop learning about insects.  I finally convinced Sean that we could collect them in photo albums instead of jars...a great relief I assure you!

This project is one of our longest running experiences.  It really started with my daughter eight years ago because she thought it would help her understand wildlife better.  However, Sean was hooked from the moment he heard 'hymenoptera.'  Amanda long gave p any desire to learn about insects.  However, Sean has not only grown attached to the little creatures, but has gone on to many contests.  He has even placed high point several years in a row.

This is his first year to be a senior and will need to know the full list of insects and a lot more information.  He will also have the opportunity to go on to the State contest for the first time.  He looks forward to the challenge.

Henry, on the other hand, is always hesitant every year.  He says he will go and sit in the class but has no desire to compete.  This year he did not even want to go to the workshop.  However, low and behold, he came in half way through the class, and could not help answering questions.  By the time the class was over he was signed up to participate.  The other two boys were tagging along to see the specimens set out by our leaders.

In the past we have only had a small group of 4Hers to participate.  Much to our surprise, we arrived to the meeting to find a full room!  There were 19 4Hers (not all boys, with 4 girls in attendance) and seven adults (counting our leaders).  The leaders are great!  They make the experience fun even for the least likely participants (myself included!).  Mr. Joe Pace and Mr. Kevin know how to get the 4Hers interested.  Today they talked about the basic parts and classification.  They also talked about insect collection.  I could see the twinkle in the boys' eyes when he spoke of it.  I am hoping I can reinforce my desire to collect pictures!  I can not repeat enough times that the thought of insect collections sitting around the house has no appeal to me.

Sean volunteered to present a review of information for the beginning of the next workshop.  Great job!

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