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Saturday, March 17, 2012

4H Fun in the Mailbox!

That's right!  When we went to our mailbox today, we found our next 4H adventure waiting for us!  We knew it was coming but did not know what it would be or when it would come.

If you remember back to last fall, I blogged about our experience at the International Quilt Show.  We had so much fun at that event the boys insisted that they enter a new quilt this year.  This particular challenge presented by the 4H Clothing & Textile project is to take a piece of fabric chosen by a committee and create an original quilt.  Each year there is a new theme designed around the material picked.

We were overjoyed to find that big soft envelope in the mailbox today!  We tore into the envelope to find insect material!!!!  This is so awesome because my boys LOVE insects!  This will also fit right into Sean’s entomology project and record book.  We found out that this year’s theme is Environmental Conservation.

So, I did a quick Google search on insect quilts wondering if anything would turn up.  There were several but the first one turned out to be perfect for what we want to do with this material!  The design is called bug jars.  We decided we can take this basic design and do something fun with it.  We are going to have some of the jars opened up and tipped over to look as if the insects are being released.  We will have larger version of the creatures found on the material quilted onto the design coming out of the jars.  Here is the basic design:

bug jar quilt pattern 

We cannot wait to get started!  So, if there are any quilters out there reading this post, feel free to give tips and ideas to help with the design.  We can always use the help.