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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Preparing for a Wet Contest!

So we are finally here...the night before we leave for our first WHEP contest.  I cannot help but wonder how this will turn out.  Th weather is not looking to be too favorable....rain ...rain...and more rain!  However, we have been through this before and it seems to happen when we go to the Houston Rodeo often.  Say a little prayer for our safety as we travel to and fro.

There really is not a lot we can do to prepare.  Wear old shoes and maybe a rain coat of some kind.  The show must go on...or in this case the contest!  The judges tell us that if we go int this field of work there will be wet days.  My guess is those who work in this field have the sense to write reports in the office on these days...but such is the experience when you are in nature projects.  As long as it is not a gully washer the 4Hers love it!  And the parents at least have a place to sit out of the rain.

I think the teams are excited about the adventure.  We practiced on Tuesday and it was fun to watch.  I wish I had had a video camera because these are the kind of memories you do not want to forget (black mail opportunities...LOL!).  Actually, what I loved is that they were having fun while learning something about the contest.  Also, they are learning to speak in front of others.  We even had a parent graciously substitute for a team member (thanks Renee!).

So this is just a preview of what is to come in future posts.  Get ready for the adventure!  We should have some interesting tales to tell when we return!

Pictures from the website (not our kids yet!)

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