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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

4H T-shirt Designs

Each year we like to have a new club t-shirt.  Usually the club president takes the lead in this and creates a design and shirts are ordered.  However, this year our club decided to have a t-shirt design committee.  What a great idea!  This was something we planned to do back in the fall.  It just never seemed to work out.  So, here we are at the end of the year getting together to create a club t-shirt.  That's ok...better late than never!  And, I think it was worth the wait...we have an awesome simple design that I think the club will like.

The meeting started off a little slow with our club president (Caleb) quickly giving his opinion and sat back to see what others presented.  The design was a classic one on a black shirt and it would be okay but it would be nice to have something different.  It looked like the committee was going to accept his design and be on our way, until one of our quiet (yet creative) committee members (Ana) stepped forward with a design.  Actually, her dear 4H friend (Becca) pushed her forward to give it quickly to our club manager.  She had a great idea and we would have loved to use it but we learned that only the certified 4H clover could be used and this design was a spin on that design.

So, we were back to wondering what to do...when Becca came forward with another design from our second quietest (yet also creative) committee member (Tori).  This was the winner!  What a great job!  With a few minor changes, we had our logo ready!

So, tomorrow we present it to the club.  The decision was made that the design picked by the committee would be the one ordered.  We would not take a vote.  I hope the club likes it as much as we do.  Hopefully, you will be seeing it in future pictures worn by our 4H members!

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