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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Touring the Museum

We were asked to help guide a tour through the Forestry Museum today.  We enjoyed the expereince taking 80 young children through the museum history of  a sawmill town.  I was thankful that Amanda was with us because it has been a while and I worried that I would not remember enough about the artifacts.  However, Amanda picked right back up as if she had been here yesterday!  She took two of the groups through and then Sean and I took the next two groups.  It worked out well.  The young students enjoyed hearing about the Old Manning Sawmill and listened well for such youngsters.  Edward and Brendan also helped by holding doors for groups as they came in and out or the building.

Here are a few of the different areas we discussed:
Amanda with the Blacksmith tools
Amanda showing the replica of Old Manning town
Sean turning on the generator

Sean showing the statue carved from two pieces of wood

Sean welcoming the group into the sawmill town

Sean showing the group the importance of the resin

After the tours were over for the day, we agreed to come back on Wednesday for another round of 60 children.  So glad we can give back to this great museum.

We also had a food experience that I thought I should share.  The boys immediately recognized our trip to Tokyo House (a hibachi grill) as a Food & Nutrition experience.  We talked with the chef as he prepared our food and used chopsticks to eat the delicious meal.  A great time was had by all!

Such an awesome way to spend out morning that ran into the afternoon.  We then drove back to Houston to send Amanda back to New York.  I am glad we were able to spend a little time with our 4H girl who has such confidence to see the world.  I think that 4H had a lot to do with that strength.  I pray that she continues to show the world how to 'make the best better.'

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