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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blessing Our Veterans

Today, I continue our tribute to our deceased Veterans.  Our church celebrated the veterans, as we do each year, with a prayer of remembrance for all our deceased veterans from our community.  This was especially to pay tribute for all the veterans who are buried in our little cemetery next to our parish church in the woods.

During the service all the names of the veterans from the past were called out to be honored.  We have men buried in our cemetery who served all the way back to the Civil War.  We also thanked the Veterans in attendance or who are currently serving.  We have such a small parish that we only had 5 men stand to be recognized and two who are serving.  We were proud to hear Michael's name called, along with our friend's son-in-law, Miguel, who are both in Afghanistan.

The boys were serving at the altar today, so they were blessed to be a part of the service.  After Mass, we walked out to the cemetery together.  The priest gave a special blessing of remembrance to all of those who served our country buried in the cemetery.  Then he blessed the veterans present, and he ended by blessing all of those present.

We were then dismissed to enjoy a potluck/hamburger dinner.  Even though the dinner was nice, the best part was the fellowship.  We were able to sit and talk about the past wars or just talk about the weather and our gardens.  Our family was also talked about as we prepare for this new little blessing in our lives.  It was was like being with family (as it should be).  It made for a nice continuation of this patriotic holiday.

So, as you can see, we continue to appreciate this holiday for its true meaning.  May God continue to bless this nation with men and women who serve our country.  And, may we continue to be the kind of nation who appreciates their sacrifices.

Tomorrow will be the big celebration so going to rest this afternoon so I can enjoy the fun tomorrow.

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