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Friday, May 25, 2012

Beginning this Weekend with Honor

After working on our quilt yesterday, we almost have it completed.  Katy has really improved from her first day on a sewing machine just a month ago.  I love to see this kind of improvement.  We will work on the border this weekend. Then we will hand quilt some insects and frogs on the jars to make it complete!  I am so excited about the way it is turning out!

We also helped wash the train at the Forestry Museum.  This is always a fun project.  When I told a friend we were going to be washing a train, she asked if that was a community service.  I just laughed!  No this was just a fun reason to get wet...the kids play with water guns and suds up the worst of the train and then we rinse it off.  The train is still dirty at the end but everyone thinks they have done an amazing job!

The funniest part is that we got to meet Dustin's family (see previous posts if you are clueless).  They arrived just as we were bringing out the water guns!  The boys thought that was so funny!  However, Dustin was the cool dad and let his boys have the fun!  Brittany (his wife) even let me hold sweet Arrow!  I felt so blessed because she was so cute and personable.  Arrow really wanted to be in on the fun as she watched the big kids play!

Today we started out our Memorial Day weekend a little early.  We served sandwiches to the veterans once again.  We are getting to be real regulars at the clinic, which means we are meeting the regular Veterans as well.  It makes my heart sing to know that they remember us and enjoy the company of the 4Hers when we come in the door.  Today we had some new hands working the preparation and serving line, Lynda, Katy and Matt.

It was a slow day (as most holiday weekends are) so it gave us time to talk to veterans and leave early.  So we only worked for two hours.

This weekend will prove to be busy.  I will send out another post each day to show the joy we have in honoring our veterans from the past and present.  I promise it will be a very patriotic way to show how we try to 'make the best better.'

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