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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Night in Paris Part 2!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about our first night in Paris.  Let me tell you, as nice as it was to sit down with the adults who lead our clubs and projects throughout the county, tonight was much more exciting and rewarding.  Seeing what the 4Hers from our club accomplished this past year was truly an inspiration.  It gave hope in our next generations of leaders.

We started off the night, as we do every month, with prayer and pledges.  We also heard an inspiration verse from the Gospel of Matthew from Caleb.  Then we enjoyed the presentation of our poetry team of the Ragged Old Flag.  Then we shared an amazing potluck dinner with everyone.  There was not reason to worry about having enough food...the tables were full with a nice variety!

After we all had our fill, we began our business portion of the meeting.  This included the elections for next year's officers.  This took a while, but there are a lot of people needed to run a club well.  It was nice to see the 4Hers understand the importance of maintaining our club duties.  We have a young group coming up next year.  We can only get better from here!  We will have many years to prepare these youth for the future.

The following 4Hers will take on the leadership roles:
Kevin-1st vice president
Taylor-2nd vice president
Coty-3rd vice president
Daniel-council delegate
Brianna-county council alternate
James-community service chairman
Caitlin-call community chairman
Zachary-fundraising chairman

This was followed by our awards.  Three hours later, we completed the presentations to these amazing 4Hers.  Praising them for their growth and achievements over the last year.  We had Clover Kids certificates, club leadership pins and perfect attendance pins.

Then we had project completion pins for: Entomology, Horsemanship, Food & Nutrition, Clothing & Textiles, Citizenship, Performing Arts, Woodworking, Leadership, Wildlife, Forestry, Shooting Sports, Horticulture, Animals (poultry, goats and rabbits), Home Design, Photography, and Visual Arts.

I would also like to mention the special awards for Wildlife.  Plaques were given for high point individual at our district contest.  This honor was given to David.  We also were surprised to learn that a plaque was awarded to the top ten individuals at the State Wildlife contest.  Henry received a plaque for being in the top ten!

Then the special Spirit Award was given to the members of our club voted as the most representative of the 4H spirit.  These individuals have shown their love for the 4H motto, "To make the best better!"  Katy, Joseph and Timothy were awarded this honor from our club.

The graduating Seniors were then honored with scholarships and well wishes from our entire club.  I can not tell you how much we will miss these young men next year.  Caleb, David, Justin and Treyton are all great guys who have already accomplished so much in their lives.  They will be remembered with fond memories and I hope they will not be strangers to our club in the coming years.

We could not complete the evening without honoring our leaders from the last few years.  We will begin next year with new leaders.  However, we wanted to do something special for the Myra and Sheri for all they have done to help keep our little club moving forward.  We will miss them terribly next year.  As I said at the meeting, they better be ready for lots of phone calls and questions as we move ahead without their guidance.  Many great memories as they guided us to do our very best as adults and youth.

And so our meeting ended.  We cleaned up and made final arrangements before heading home.  A long full evening filled with emotions.  It was a great way to the end of a great year!

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