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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Buzz of the Bees and More

Boys looking for queen bee before groups come

Sean pointing out the different bees in the hive
Henry showing the beekeeper tools

This seems to 'bee' our week for giving tours and demonstrations!  This morning we woke up way to early to 'fly' over to an Ag Day where about 200 4th and 5th graders came to learn a little more about the agricultural opportunities in our area.  We represented our local chapter of beekeepers (as well as our 4H club) and brought out an observation hive for the groups to see.  We had six groups of students come through in two hours!  It was amazing to see how much information we could fit into a short 15 minute talk along with questions from the group!  However, it could never have happened without the help of Edward, Henry, Sean and Timothy.  They took the information and broke it into smaller talks for each of them.  I would only mention extra information or give examples that related to the students' lives as needed.  They pretty much ran the show!  It is nice to know that they have the confidence and knowledge to be able to do this.  I think it made the talk more interesting coming from our young group for those who were listening.  And they were listening!  They had many questions and wanted to see into the hive.
Here I am introducing the group to the bees

Timothy talking to the group about hive problems
Edward showing the group honey comb

 This was only one of four 4H related events for us today.  We left the Ag Day to grab a quick bite of lunch and make it to our WHEP project meeting.  After last week, I trimmed down my presentation of the animals...just the facts...and added more pictures.  It proved to be helpful and the group was more involved. So thankful to my parents who gave me input to "make the best better!"  In fact, the group was so lively, one of the moms worried that we were too loud!  But, I assured her that we were learning.  We learned the remaining animals on our list.  These mammals and fish proved to be more recognizable and made the talks go easier.  We learned about the raccoon, coyote, bobcat, pronghorn, desert cottontail, prairie dog, bluegill and large-mouth bass.

We had a short break before our Share the Fun practice.  With the top of our quilt complete, we took this time to gather the remaining supplies for our quilt.  We picked out the material for the bottom, as well as thread and batting.  We took these supplies to the Share the Fun practice and found an area to make our quilt 'sandwich.'  Henry and Brendan helped with the task of pinning the pieces together.  We were then able to pass the quilt to Treyton and Brianna to begin the quilting process.  The quilt will then be passed to Caleb to do his part. We will finish up the final area next week with the boys and Katy.  I think we might just finish this in time for Round Up!

Share the Fun practice was more about planning our next few weeks.  The 4Hers took the lead by starting practice while the parents planned out practice times and performances, along with the plans for our trip to Lubbock in just a couple of weeks!  We are planning to perform the poem for several Veteran groups in the next couple of weeks.  We might perform at some churches also.

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