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Thursday, November 17, 2011

What Goes Around Comes Around

In 4H, these months seem to go around again and again!  LOL

No, not really but monthly meetings do seem to come around often.  Yet, there is always something a little differnt to make it intersting.

Before the meeting began we took a visit back to Grace Care Center.  I had the pictures developed so we could meet today and pass out the photographs taken Monday.  I have never seen so many happy faces!  So many sweet residents who were so thankful to see us.  They were almost as pleased to see their photos.  This is a project I hope comes around often!

We then raced over to the CEO to make it to our meeting.  We had our drawing for our raffle so we collected the stubs at the door.  I helped to verify all the raffle tickets were accounted for before having the drawing.  Along with our drawn raffle winners, we gave a prize to the seller of the winning raffle tickets (Jaron, Caleb and Treyton).  Then a final youth prize was awarded to Caleb for selling the most tickets (187).  Caleb was so kind, he knew Sean had worked hard selling tickets (157) so he gave Sean one of his prizes.  Sean could not have been more pleased with his multi-purpose cutter!  You think he had one the grand prize from the raffle!

We had a special guest speaker tonight!  None other than our favorite soldier, my husband!  He spoke to the group about Afghanistan as well as the Army after a nice introduction from Katy.  He would later show his pictures to those interested after the meeting.

Now we are home preparing for a little trip we have been planning when Michael returned from Afghanistan.  I won't give any details now but be ready when I return.  Even though it is really not 4H related, we are hoping to take lots of pictures so we will fudge and connect it with photography some how.  You never know where a prize winning photograph will appear!

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