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Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day

One of our favorite parts of 4H is the fact that the organization promotes good citizenship.  What better way to be a good citizen then to honor those who protect our country on Veteran's Day (and every day!).

Each year we try to honor the Veterans in a special way.  We usually go to a celebration of some kind.  In the last few years it has been at the Huntington high school.  They have a nice performance with local talent come out to sing along with slide shows of local veterans, especially those who attend the school.  They also honor each of the veterans with a special welcome as well as a tribute to all the armed forces.  Then they provide a nice lunch.

We heard so many great stories during the program.  We were also impressed with the singing quartet, Driftwood (3 of which are veterans).  Then the guest speaker was Milt Price who was an Air Force tanker pilot during Vietnam and flew airplanes for American Airlines (specifically on that fateful day of 9-11).  He encouraged the young people to look at the military and Civil Air Patrol as an honor to participate in order to protect the country.  He quoted the Strategic Air Command motto, "Peace through Strength."  This was also the motto for our former President Ronald Reagan.  May we never forget that even during peace time we need a strong military to ensure others do not see us as week and decide to attack.

Then we watched a tearjerker of a film about the Marines on Makin Island.  Of course, we also had the Pledge of Allegiance, Star Spangled Banner.  When the 11th hour came, we stopped to have a moment of silence followed by the playing of Taps.  I always get so choked up when I go to these events.  I am so proud of our military!

In the past we have taken the children to the event and had them sign a Veteran's book.  We then remember these veterans each time we look at the book, usually by offering up a prayer in their behalf.  This year we decided to do something different.  The boys went around to talk to the veterans ans asked to take their picture. 

We then created a collage of these pictures to show to you.  I hope you will look at these brave men and women who fought for our country from World War II to present day, and then feel some form of gratitude for what they do for our country.  

Happy Veteran's Day!

May God bless our military and their families!

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  1. It was a good program today. I was sitting with Chad Brock's family and they were very curious about your family. Next year, as your boys go around and talk to the veterans encourage them to tell the veteran about their dad. Your son made an impression on Chad.

    That Makin Island video was really something. I would love to get to see it again sometime.

    The one member of the quartet that was not a veteran is a good friend of ours. I love to listen to barbershop. They really added a nice touch today.