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Monday, November 14, 2011

Portraits of the Elderly

Last summer I was given an idea for a photography service opportunity.  Go to a nursing home and take pictures of the residents.  I was so excited about the idea that I wanted to go out to nursing home immediately!  What a blessing for our 4H members to be introduced to the elder members in our community and bless them with a nice picture in return.

Well, this afternoon the opportunity finally came about at the Grace Care Center.  We (a group of 10 members) were able to meet and photograph 52 of the nicest people.  We had one couple who had been married for 13 years (second marriages after first spouse passed away) who were so happy to hold hands and have their picture taken.  We also had a couple who had been married for 60 years.  The husband was so sweet and cared so dearly for his wife, wheeling her into the area and helping her straighten up in her chair before positioning himself.  Then we had an elderly woman who was so pleased when we agreed to take a picture of her with her son who had just come to visit. 

We hope to have the pictures developed so they can be returned in time to give out in Christmas cards.  I will spend the next two days choosing the best shots and cropping out undesirable backgrounds. 

I am so glad for the opportunity our 4H members had to "make the best better" and give their "hands to larger service."

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  1. Great idea! The staff at my mom's nursing home did that at Valentines. They actually had someone do hair & makeup for the ladies, then used a pink shirt or sequined 'drape' on them and a suit jacket for the guys before taking their photos. The residents loved it!