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Monday, November 7, 2011

A Lesson in Parliamentary Procdure

Our County Council met today for their monthly meeting.  They were in for a surprise crash course in parliamentary procedure.  The county extension agent did  a good job of incorporating the actual meeting into this educational program.  I was not able to sit in and listen but I did have Henry sneak in and take a few pictures.  Sean looked a little confused in this picture, or at least he looked like he was concentrating on the matter seriously.  The group learned how to run a meeting with correct procedure as well as how to carry a motion from beginning to end. 

An unknown 4Her stands to make a motion.

I had wanted to stay after and talk to the 4Hers in general about the experience.  However, we were in a little bit of a hurry today.  We had to rush to the airport to pick up our favorite soldier at the airport.  After being away three months we were happy to have him home. 

We decided to wear our 4H shirts to promote our club and 4H in general.  We even grabbed Michael's shirt so he could switch into it on arrival.  Then we took our large group out to eat to advertise a little.  We might not ever know who saw the shirts and wondered about 4H from the experience but we had fun in our matching shirts nonetheless.  I just had to post some coming home pictures for everyone to see! 

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