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Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Could not Resist One More Post

Before we head off for our vacation, I remembered that we had not left anything for the soldier care packages for the December shipment.  We are at my mother's house, so we gathered some supplies.  We created some little packets to mail to a friend so they could get to the center in time for shipment.  We just could not forget our soldiers for Christmas.  It is hard to believe it takes so long to get a package to our soldiers but a lot of mail must be delivered at this time so there are often delays.

All our boys and Gramma got into the act and set up the packets.  We placed Christmas candy and some extra items (e.g. hot sauce, Tabasco sauce, and cider mix) in the packets.  Even little Brendan liked to stuff the bags! 

We made 40 packets and then shipped all the extra for the group to make more.  I also added more candy canes and beef jerky to the box. 

So, a big thank you to all our soldier friends.  Know that you are loved and prayed for daily.  God bless you on Thanksgiving and into the New Year!  Safe return for all!

Testing sensitive briar
Also, we went to the Lady Bird Native Plant Center yesterday.  I was hoping to see a few of the Wildlife plants labelled so I would be sure I knew what they were by sight.  We will be travelling west starting Tuesday, so I will look for these same specimens that I can bring home for the group.

While we were there, Henry could not resist taking a few snap shots of the couple who were getting married soon after the center closed.  It was good practice for photography.

Sean also had an Entomology experience!  He was able to observe a moth cocoon at an observation point along one of the nature paths.  A great experience all around!  I am glad we had the opportunity to go on this adventure as a side trip before the real trip begins.  I can't wait to share what I learned with the group when I return next month.

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