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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Missing in Action

While we were in the hospital for the birth of our precious new addition to our family, life did not sop for this 4H family.  Here are some of the things that kept the boys busy while they waited for their opportunity to meet their sister, Zaira Dominique.

Wednesday-The results of the State Record Books were in and Sean received a second place award for his Entomology Book!  Great job after struggling with the new forms and entering his first Senior Record Book! Also congrats go out to our other 4H seniors-Katy and Treyton for their fourth place awards for their books!

Thursday-Thankful for Renee for staking on all four boys in addition to her own while we headed to the hospital!  She not only took them to her home for the day but then headed out with them to a Home School Back to School Night!  This was our club's first opportunity to reach out to others in the community to promote 4H.  Our 4Hers talked about the fun of 4H and the different projects available.  We also invite the families to our annual Family Fun Night that will take place later this month.

I am so thankful for all the well wishes from all the 4Hers and friends.

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