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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ending the Old and Starting the New

Hard to believe another 4H year has officially come to a close.  I had little to do with the meeting tonight.  I was happy to sit back in a corner and hold little Zaira.  Although, I must say, Zaira was in her finest as she sported her new 4H dress to match the boys for the evening.

The meeting began with our regular recitation of pledges and opening prayer.  Then we watched a slide show of pictures representing our 4H year.  It is amazing how much our club members were able to accomplish in such  a short time.  We had much to be proud of for the accomplishments and growth.

Then we installed the new officers.  Brenda did a great job of continuing the theme of building up our club.  She had tools for each of the club officers.  It was a nice symbolic message for each of them.

How to build a great year -
dry erase board & marker - President
sand paper - Vp
block of wood - 2nd vp
paintbrush - 3rd vp
pencil & ruler - secretary
nuts & bolts - treasurer
spool of wire - reporter
small plastic storage box - historian
light bulb - parliamentarian
nails - delegate & alternate
planner - community servcie project 
phone - call committee
money bag - fund raising

I was not sure what the boys would think about taking home a tool but the message stuck as both Henry and Sean set their tools up in their rooms to remind them of their goals for the next year.

The meeting continued with reports and I had Michael announce the information about Wildlife for me.  I am so thankful for having such a great husband willing to fill in for me when needed.

Then Myra gave out some awards overlooked at the last meeting, as well as recognition for the State Round Up group.  This included our Wildlife teams from last fall, hushpuppy championship awards, project medals, and San Antonio Food Challenge.  It is hard to believe that we could have so many awards given tonight as we had already had such a full meeting giving out these awards.

I made my only announcement at this time.  I was able to make a special presentation to our club president for his hard work over the last year.  This is an award our family started after watching our daughter, Amanda, work so hard to run the club smoothly.  This year the award was given to Caleb.  He did a great job so we were honored to present him with a engraved gavel.  I hope that he will remember his final 4H year with great fondest for many years to come.

I then announced that we would be serving sandwiches to the veterans at the VA clinic in the morning.  I think we will be serving on our own tomorrow.  Hopefully, we can make it work.  I guess we will just have to play it by ear.  Thankfully the boys have done this without too much trouble in the past.  If nothing else it will make for an interesting blog post for tomorrow.  LOL!

Josh then provided the group with a slide show of the outgoing senior 4Hers.  It is amazing how much these young men have grown over the years.  They (and their parents) can be proud!  The hard work and dedication shown in these 4H years will carry them into adulthood.

Last minute thought allowed Michael the opportunity to promote Wildlife and Robotics projects.  He told the group about supply lists for these projects before the meeting ended with ice cream treats for the group.  And believe it or not we finished all of this in less than two hours!

I cannot end the post tonight without a big thank you to Brianna and Brenda who made the cutest little outfit for Zaira!  Brianna made a pink sundress with zebra print bows and Zaira's initials on the front.  She also made a matching knit hat with flower on top.  Brenda added to the outfit the cutest little knit shoes that look like flip flops!  The hat was a little big but will be perfect when the weather gets a little cooler. I love the frilly flower on top!  I have to say...Brendan was all about her trying her new clothes on...he insisted that he was the only one who could put her hat on her head!

Then Sheri came over with a knit hat that she created during the meeting.  It was so precious and soft!  Unfortunately, the hat did not figure in the 15 inch head that Zaira so nicely carries on her shoulders!  LOL!  Sheri said to keep it as a souvenir of how truly BIG she is at such a young age!  So disappointing because it was made out of the softest yarn...I wanted to rub it on my face a million times!  But it is the thought that counts after all, right?!  I am so thankful for all our caring friends at 4H.

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