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Monday, August 27, 2012

Meeting Via the Internet

I was supposed to go to a Project Leaders Meeting tonight.  This is when we get together for the new year to make sure the various projects in the county are represented and opened up to as many youth as possible.  However, Zaira began the day with the rash that went from head to toe.  Upon closer examination and researching the rash, we think it might be Rubella but hoping it is a simple rash that goes away.

So, I did not make it to the meeting.  My SUPER AMAZING STUNT DOUBLE...better known as my husband, Michael...went in my place!  He was so clever!  He messaged me throughout the meeting to let me know what was going on.

It sounds like we were well represented by our club.  Renee came to see if there was an interest in Rocks/Geology project.  Paul came to represent the Shotgun project as well as Robotics project along with Michael.  Brenda  and Jamie were there to make sure our other projects were announced from our club, including their main projects of Food Challenge and Clothing&Textiles. Heather came to talk about a digital scrapbooking project to go along with photography! Christi came to talk about Food & Nutrition.  Sheri talked to the group about animals, specifically the rabbit project.

Other topics of interest were:

JAKES day is September 15th.

Youth Fair is changing this year...scheduled for February 26 through March 2, which is a Tuesday-Saturday.  The hope is to try to build it to a full county fair w/carnival, concerts, etc.  Also, the youth fair entry prices will go up to 10 dollars for non-livestock to pay for around the clock security for the duration of the fair.

Gold Star Banquet is October 1st to recognize all those who turn in record books.  Also, the Gold Star award, Spirit awards and Youth leadership awards will be announced.

Club and Council Meeting Training for all 4Hers will be on September 20th/27th.  The training is an overview on parliamentary procedures

There was a meeting following this one to discuss Food Show and Clothing & Textile events.  I will need to get this information and re-post at a later time.

So glad I was able to 'attend' the meeting in some way.

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