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Thursday, August 23, 2012

A 4H End to a Long Day

After a long day of family activities that needed to be done, we made our way to our club 4H Family Fun Night!  I must say it was the first long day of events, so I was tired.  I am so thankful for Michael and his enthusiasm for 4H.  He did a great job of talking with new parents and the youth about the many different opportunities 4H has to offer.

I was just there in the sidelines to help for a change.  It was kind of nice to take a back seat.  Holding a newborn gives me that privilege.

The night started out slow with one family arriving early.  They watched us set up the booths and prepare the meal.  However, by 6pm we had about 12 families in attendance (50 guests plus another 50 from our club!).

We had a nice meal of chicken spaghetti with several side dishes and desserts.  It was a nice welcome for our guests to introduce them to our little group.

Then we had set up several booths with hands on activities.

Computer Science/Robotics
Food & Nutrition
Clothing & Textiles
Shooting Sports
Food Challenge
Animals (Poultry & Rabbits)

There was a lot of interest in the various projects.  We look forward to the new membership.  Always seeking new friends and the ability to teach new youth about the projects.

The night ended quickly with the families cleaning up and we were out the door by 8pm.  Mission accomplished to "make the best better" by promoting 4H.

SIDENOTE:  If you have been following my blog, you will remember our county extension agent had to deal with a daughter being diagnosed with leukemia last year.  Tonight we found out that his niece (2yo) has now been diagnosed with leukemia as well.  Please pray for this family.  I can only imagine the hurt they are feeling...may God bless them with the strength they need to endure another struggle.  Give them the faith they need to know that God is there with them through this struggle.

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