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Monday, August 6, 2012

County Performance

So we have almost completed our circuit with the Ragged Old Flag.  We performed today for our county council members who attended the monthly meeting.  We have one more scheduled performance in November for Veteran's Day parade.

The 4Hers were a little out of practice and their costumes probably needed a little more dusting off, but they managed to perform in front of their peers.  Sometimes that is one of the hardest audiences.  I was proud of them.

We also lost our Davy Crockett for this performance so Henry stepped into the 'rawhide' coat with fringes and did a great job!  AND, our disabled veteran really WAS disabled after a fall not long after our State Round Up adventure.  She broke the lower bone in her leg, so the wheelchair came in handy for this performance.

As for the county council meeting, the old were sent on their way with good tidings and the new were ushered in to their positions.  Caleb did us proud by using this opportunity to give a pep talk to the group of newbies.  He told them to enjoy the experience because the council was not "Mr. Merrell's council but theirs," and they should make it their own by active participation.  I hope this advice to heart.  We will see what this next year brings the council.

The only new information given at the meeting was about the project leaders meeting.  Youth leaders are also welcome to attend this meeting. Then an announcement was made about a training for youth leaders to learn about officer duties and parliamentary procedure (September 20/27 at the CEO).   Also, a reminder to register for the new 4H year.

While the 4Hers were in the meeting the moms AND dad had a good talk about what it is too come for our club.  We also just enjoyed the time to just relax in the heat.  It was a nice venture out for our family as we still await our new little one's arrival.

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