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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Youth Fair Part 2

Oh my...what a morning!

Sean actually made his cookies last night and they turned out great!  We just had to get him up to drizzle them with chocolate this morning.

But, I guess I was a little stressed because I woke up around 4am wondering if there was something that needed to be done!  Then I went back to sleep and dreamt the craziest dreams about all the things that could go wrong. I could not even get out of the house because people kept coming to my door.  I kept telling them I had to leave to get to the youth fair but they all insisted they needed me to stay.  Crazy way to start out the day!  Thankfully, that was the most stressful part of the day.

Sean woke up with ease and finished his cookies.  We left with plenty of time to get there.  He even made it up the stairs without dropping his cookies!  Mission accomplished!  He did a great job presenting his coconut macaroons.  We had some good conversations with some of our friends to pass the time and then went up to hear the results.

Sean did not place but was given a white ribbon.  What I thought was awesome was that he did a great job of congratulating the others in the group.  He shook hands...gave high fives and hugs.  I was proud of him once again for being a good sport.

Joseph, one of the other members of our club, competed against him and won second place.  We were able to enjoy a sample of his cookies as we left.

Then we raced home to get finishing touches on Henry's entries for tomorrow's judging.  He entered a photo of a train in fine arts category.  He also entered a wooden washer game in woodworking.  We had to have the photo mounted on a matting board.  We also needed a photo book showing his wood work.  We got it all done just in time to get it to the show in the afternoon.

We will find out how he did tomorrow.  I will post pictures and an update in my part 3 to this week.

But the hard part is over and we survived the excitement.  I would also like to add that our little tag-a-long 4her was a real trooper...he never complained about sitting around in the cold waiting.  He just ate our friends out of snacks and played with who ever crossed his path.  He makes taking a little one to contests look easy! Thank you, Lord!

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