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Friday, February 17, 2012

We Just Can't Get Enough...

So I get an early post in today because I had to tell you about what happened after the Youth Fair last night.

As if we were not completely exhausted yesterday, our club had our monthly meeting last night.  Now other clubs just cancelled their meeting if it was scheduled for Youth Fair week, but not our club.  We got together to share about the week.  We also had a Food Challenge demonstration.

So, the three teams came together again.  This time not to compete but to show the process of the contest.  They also would provide the club a nutritious snack at the end.

The teams were each given the same ingredients (various fruits and yogurt) but different clues so we would have a variety of snack choices.

The Hawaiian Bunch were given the clue: found on a stick.  So they created a dipping sauce with the yogurt and some of the fruit.  Then they found toothpicks to skewer the fruit (blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, bananas, grapes and kiwi).  They did a great job with only half their crew and a substitute chef joining them! Thank you Joseph!

Then our World War II Heroes were asked to toss their fruit.  So, they made a fruit salad.  Somehow they got their yogurt to firm up a little so it could be placed in the middle with the fruit surrounding it.  Very clever!

Then our Lone Star Cooking Team were told that their creation "went down smoothly."  So they made a fruit smoothie.  But I think this team needs to change their name to the Happy Face Crew!  Each time they practiced they created a smiley face with their ingredients to decorate.  Last night was no different as they added a kiwi smile to the top of the smoothie!  Very creative!

I can not end this post without talking about how much I love these kids and their parents.  A big thank you goes out to Myra and Brenda who worked so hard to come up with creative ideas for the kids to practice effectively.  Also, a thank you to James who heard the "Clean Up" call and did not go running but came right away to wash the dishes.  Also, to Joseph who came in soon after and did not leave until every dish was clean and dried.  To the adults, Jamie and Tracey, who stayed until everything was back in its place.  Furthermore, we had fun while we worked!  This is just another way our club shows how "to make the best better!"

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