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Monday, February 20, 2012

Another Parent's View of 4H Events

I was telling one of the moms how I wished I could be at all the events we do in our club.  Then you all would not get so bored hearing about what my kids are doing.  So, she volunteered to be a guest writer on my blog and tell about their weekend at an event in San Antonio.  Thank you Brenda for the following account:

Talking about 4-Hers doing their best in all circumstances - There was plenty of rain - NO FLASH FLOODS!!!!  We drove in heavy rain from Shepherd to San Antonio. Then we found out that Treyton and Caleb would be competing in a COW BARN for the San Antonio Food Challenge- YES...that is what I said!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

On Friday - the calf show was in the same arena where they had to prepare their food.  Then the hog show  was in the same barn.  All of this was going on where the boys would be cooking.  Lovely smells!  

Saturday morning - heavy rain and hail.  We tried to keep the boys, adults, boxes and hot plates dry with 3 umbrellas.  Mud puddles are fun when you have rubber boots not 4-H cowboy boots.  We had fun and laughed a lot.

Caleb got 4th place in the main dish category with his Parmesan Chicken Tortellini with Pesto.

  Treyton also got 4th place in the fruit & vegetable category with his Texas Mango Salsa.  

Then we were able to enjoy some of San Antonio's scenery.  We took the boys to the Alamo, Menger Hotel (cool designs throughout the motel, Roy Rogers suite, Teddy Roosevelt & Rough Riders artifacts), Drifted down on the River Walk - a cold trip but educational.  We remembered our photography assignment (more on this later this evening in a second post for the day!) while on our trip down the Guadalupe river - it is amazing where you can find the alphabet. 

Took a visit to the Bighorn Museum & Saloon. Neat things that boys just love - big animals, guns, and science projects - (water running up hill).  Then God blessed us with the most beautiful sun for our stroll down the streets of San Antonio.

On Sunday morn we slept in.  Leisurely ate breakfast.  You know 4-H leaders are always looking for some thing educational - visited a Whole Store Market.   WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We saw some interesting food products.  We learned about coucous.  You know some country people had never heard of some of these products.  The Puntch's bought some blue potatoes.  We know where they got some of the ideas for the Ag Product Id!  The boys saw leg of lamb, lamb chops, lamb grounded meat.  Numerous seafood items, different cuts of beef, pork and some pre-seasoned meat.  A long tour - 2 hours.  The Morgan's bought young coconuts (they were white in color), and  jicama. 

We started for home.  Beautiful scenery!  We saw the results from the heavy rain.  We took a few minutes to praise God for protecting us through our trip.

Brenda, it sounds like you all made the 'best better' by making the most of an already awesome 4h weekend. These are memories that you just don't want to forget!  Thanks again for sharing!

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