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Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Different Ending then Expected

Today's post was going to have a boring title of Youth Fair Part 3...but after what happened today, I wanted to lead this post in a different direction.

I posted a few days ago that sometimes when we go to contests, the prize won is the lesson learned.  Well, unfortunately, today Henry learned a hard lesson.

As I mentioned yesterday, Henry had entered a wooden washer game to the youth fair, along with a train photo.  Well, today we found out the results.

Now I want you to know that I am not going to make this a ranting post about how my son was done wrong.  I have to admit that I prayed a lot about what I would write.  And if I had written this post six hours ago, it might not have been so nice.  I guess that is part of "making the best better" but sometimes it is hard to know what that means.  As a parent, I have learned that the best thing to do is step back and think it through before opening my mouth (or in this case typing a blog).

So, what was the lesson learned?  As I told Henry tonight, sometimes life is not fair (no pun intended!).  And, sometimes the adults in our lives do not always make the right decisions.  No matter what the decision was in this case, or why it was made...the decision has been made.  The real test for us (Henry and his parents) is how we are going to handle that decision.  What choice are we going to make?  Are we going to make a bad choice because of someone else's bad decision?

We can also learn that we can persevere and be better for it.  Being a good sport sometimes means walking away proud for who we are.

Now don't get me wrong...we will work to make things better for the next time.  I have not spoken my last word on this situation.  We will stand up for what is right.  Unfortunately for Henry it will not affect this year, but we can hope that it will help the future for someone else.

So, Henry stood a little taller and will not go to auction tomorrow.  He has already placed a sign on his game to see if an individual will purchase his game.  But, this is where my proud parent smile comes in.  Henry did not let it get him down for long.  He is already planning for next year.  And he is thinking BIG...he wants to make a pool table.  Seriously!!  He has already had me look at plans.  So, watch out have not seen the last of Henry in these contests.  He will continue to persevere to "make the best better" in all that he does.

Also, this is the photo he entered in the contest.  He got a white ribbon but there were many others to choose from and hard to choose as there are no categories or theme for this contest.  All the photos are placed together in one group.  I would hate to be a judge trying to determine if a close up of a chicken was better than a landscape.  Oh how I wish I could talk to someone who makes these decisions!  Even my dear husband told me to join the board to help get things organized....he must have gotten a little crazy while overseas!  LOL!

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  1. Actually, love, I was thinking about joining the committee or whatever. Just for the record.

    I love you and I am so very proud of our boys!