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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Deep in the Heart

Who knew that when I started this blog I would one day be writing a movie review?  However, I should have known it was coming.  I was told two years ago that this movie about forgiveness and overcoming challenges in life was in the making.

Where was I two years ago?  Sitting in a room of nervous 4Hers and their parents waiting to hear which scholarships our children would be awarded by 4H.  I then found out that my daughter (Amanda) was chosen to receive the Wallrath Scholarship.  It was a generous scholarship.  She was so excited!  She was also invited to a luncheon with Mr. Wallrath and the other recipients.

I remember her being so impressed that she was able to sit with Mr. Wallrath and a movie producer.  They spoke to the group about a movie that would be made about Mr. Wallrath's life.  She was also given his book, "The Courage to Change Things I Can".  I read the book immediately and could not wait for the movie.

Fast forward two years, and here we are today!  The movie was not playing in our town so we had to wait an extra week to see it, but it was well worth it.  I will admit it was not the best movie I have ever seen, however, it was a moving story that showed how a person can seek forgiveness and redeem himself after making bad choices.

I took all of my children (ages 3-14 years old).  I am sure that my 3yo did not understand the movie but there was not anything in the story that would be offensive or scary in any way.  I think the producer of the film did a good job of showing the struggles of living with an alcoholic without showing too much.  I did have to explain some of the scenes (about drug abuse) to my 8yo but it was a good after-movie discussion.

Most of all, the story was about the importance of giving back to others, which Mr. Wallrath showed after his recovery and later success.  I also thought the producer did a great job of bringing in the idea that God was present in the life of Mr. Wallrath even before he realized he needed to change.

The only really disappointment we had was that there was more emphasis on FFA than 4H, especially at the end of the movie.  LOL!  Of course, we would want 4H to shine above all other organizations, right?  In spite of that, Mr. Wallrath has given us a humble example (sharing his flaws with his success) of how we should all try to "make the best better."

So, try to find a way to go see this awesome movie, Deep in the Heart, even if you have to drive a few extra miles to make it happen.  If the review is not incentive enough remember that Mr. Wallrath has said a percentage of the proceeds from the movie will go to help fund even more scholarships for 4H and FFA.

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