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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Installation of New Club Officers

Sean with our club president Caleb
Tonight we had a great experience to complete our last year of 4H and begin the new one. Our club does this each year by allowing the officers from teh last year install the new officers. Our two older boys were installed into their new roles. Sean will be our club's county council delegate. This is a big job with the responsibilty of passing on information to our club that affects our county. Our son Henry has taken on the role of third vice president. What we like to call the 'entertainment VP.' He was given the task of making sure we have refreshments for the meetings and will also have a game for after the meeting.

Henry with our club manager Myra
The boys expecially love the ceremony we use for the installation. I think it has something to do with their sweet tooth (or should I say teeth). Each officer's duties are associated with a type of candy. Sean was given an assortment of fruit candies to show his role of diversity that he will bring to the club. Henry was given laffy taffy because his role is to bring laughter to our club meetings.

We also announced two of our project meetings for the new year.  These projects are Wildlife and Photography.  I have the joy and privilege to be the project leader for these projects.  I can honestly say that I never thought I would be leading either of these projects; however, I have grown to love them and cannot imagine it any other way.  Besides, that is what being a 4H mom is all about…taking up the projects that our children love and making learning experiences for all involved (including me!)  Of course it helps to have the best 4H members participating in these projects.  They always make me proud.  I cannot wait to start the new year.

So, its official…the 4H fun has begun!  If I doubted it for even a second, then the buzz all around us after the ‘official’ meeting was over made it clear.  Our club is already planning to make this year big.  My boys have signed up for parts in a play (more on that later!) and a hushpuppy contest (more on that later too!).  This is on top of our regular project meetings and community service projects.  The adrenalin rush is on…let’s see how it all turns out!

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  1. Cool!

    Congrats, me Boyos. I love you all!!!