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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Care Packages for the Soldiers

A quick trip into town this morning to help our local American Legion group pack boxes to send to our deployed soldiers.  The boys helped unload vehicles as they arrived with lots of goodies and well wishes for the troops.  We brought in a little bit ourselves (mainly toiletries and some condiments). 

The boys feel like they are doing something to help morale and stay connected to their dad overseas.  Since we can not send anything to him directly, this is the next best thing.  Even Brendan is able to help throw (literally!) snacks into the boxes.

We were able to pack 40 boxes today!  They will be shipped out on Saturday filled to the brim with lots of great stuff to bring a little bit of home to the different locations around the world.

I also have our numbers for the month of August.

2 Wildlife Meetings (4 hours)
19 in attendance
Henry presented information about mule deer (leadership)
2 promotion events (6 hours) 275 attending both events
Community service (4 hours) 110 served (VA clinic lunch, Forestry Museum, Soldier care packages)
2 Other learning experiences (Back to School event and Family Fun Day at SFA)
3 Recipes made
2 Volunteer leadership experiences for Sean (leading pledge)

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