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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Getting started

My family started our 4H experience 10 years ago.  When my daughter came to me and asked to join 4H, I replied, "You have got to be crazy!  We can not have a cow in our backyard!" 

Next thing I know we are registered and enjoying our first project experience.  Thank goodness no cows got hurt in the process...because my daughter introduced us to the many other choices we had in 4H. 

These many years later, my daughter has gone off to experience college and her brothers are now the 4H enthusiasts.  Oh....I guess we all are really.  So, I decided to mark this 10th year with a new way to promote this wonderful organization.  And so, here we are blogging our fun!

I will kick it off with a post on Thursday after my boys are installed as officers for the new year.  Looking forward to letting you see how our 4H year unfolds.

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