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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Follow Up on Yesterday

I am always so impressed by the 4H members in our little group.  Yesterday we had our first Wildlife project meeting.  We meet at a forestry museum in town that graciously lets us use their classroom.  Then we head outside to their walking trails to study in the GREAT OUTDOORS!!!  Well at least a small semi-cultivated part of it! 

I arrived early hoping to get the technical side of things squared away before everyone else arrived.  Well, I guess next time I will arrive early for early because most of the group was already there ready to start out on our new adventure.

This year we decided to let the members teach about the different animals we are studying. Everyone signed up for a given animal and will present their information much like my post on ring-necked pheasants. I look forward to their different methods of presentation and the knowledge they will bring to the group.  I already heard some really good ideas to help motivate everyone to learn. 

Then (being the mother of a diaper clad little tike) I had to take care of one life's little necessities.  This allowed a great opportunity for leadership.  One of our seniors took this up for his own and showed the group outside to identify the plants and trees on the nature trail.  I was very thankful for Treyton leadership. 

It's not just the members either.  I officially send out a thank you to all the parents who work so hard to get them there for the meetings.  I am so thankful to their dedication.  Not only do they bring their children but they stay and help when they can to make the learning experience beneficial for everyone. 

I wish I had taken pictures of the group yesterday. I will try to do a better job of this as the year progresses. 

We have our first contest in less than a month at the East Texas State Fair in Tyler.  We have a lot of learning to do before that date.  But as long as the drought does not kill everything off we should have a lot of good days for learning experiences.

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