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Friday, April 5, 2013

Robotics Challenges Complete!

Both teams completed their challenges tonight!  And this one happy 4H Mom!  I was really starting to worry that I was going to need to show how little I really knew about computers and programming!  I am so thankful we have two very smart 4H teams who solved their own challenges!

Team 1 really had me worried because they could not seem to get their robot to release their ball!  I told them to keep trying and it would work.  Thankfully...that was true and the ball managed to be picked up...moved around the room...and then the big release!  The team was so proud of themselves!

Team 2 struggled with rotating the robot around in circles.  I am sure there is a programming skill that they are missing but they eventually got their robot to turn around five times. YAY!

While the teams were programming...the moms were planning!  I found several lessons on-line.  We will meet three more times in the month of April so we picked three designs for the teams to create.  Watch for future blogs about fans, merry-go-rounds, and alligators!

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