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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chomping at the Bit

Or in our case...tonight at 4H Robotics...chomping on the LEGO!

Tonight the Robotics group were challenged to make an alligator that used a sensor to detect an object in its mouth.  The mouth is supposed to be able to open and close.  Tonight we did not do any programming...we just put together an alligator.  

Each group had a different idea of how the alligator would look.  In fact, one group did not even make an alligator...instead choosing to make a scorpion!  Since the main object of this challenge was to use the motion sensor, I let them choose the animal of their chose in the end. one (being more exact in their challenge) made a very nice alligator that will need to be programmed next week to open and close its mouth.  The second team has an eight-legged creation that looks like a very interesting scorpion.  

I look forward to seeing if their creations can be programmed to meet the challenge!  Stay tuned as we learn as we go!

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