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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Orange Leaf Fundraiser and 4H Promotion

I cannot tell you how much fun we had with our 4H Club fundraiser at Orange Leaf!  I was really surprised by the many family and friends (and just people in general) who came out to support our club's effort to raise money for future endeavors.

Each year our club goes to great lengths to encourage our youth in their various interests.  We look forward to using the money we raised tonight to make this happen.  We also like to reach out to the community to serve their needs and I am sure some of the money we raised tonight will allow these events to happen.

We already know that we have raised over $200 due to the generosity of passers-by who just donated cash to our effort.  This does not even include the receipts that were collected during the three hour event.  Orange Leaf has generously offered us 15% of all sales from the evening!

Great job from all the club families who advertised beforehand.  And a special thank you to our Fundraising Chair...Zachary...for the great idea!  He went to a lot of work behind the scenes to make this a success!

And a special thank you to our break-dancing 4Her (I wish I had the camera ready for that!) who danced his way into a $100 donation...and of course a thank you to the generous donor!

It was also nice to talk to those in the community who had questions about 4H.  What a wonderful way to promote 4H!  I spoke to a mom and her daughters about the many project opportunities available through the 4H clubs in our county.  Her daughters were especially interested in rabbits and  horses.  I hope we see them again next year!

And most of all...we had the opportunity to enjoy a great cup of frozen yogurt!  So good...this was a first for us and we will probably go back soon!

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