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Friday, February 15, 2013

Story Boarding

In my desire to stay off the computer for the next few weeks, I almost forgot to mention a fun learning experience our Photography project had this week.  We all met at the local library to talk about story boarding.  We had a small group of seven and we talked about how sometimes a story could not be told in 1000 words as the saying goes...there might be a need for a few more pictures to give a more accurate account of the event or subject.

This is what we learned:

A storyboard is a visual representation of a story from beginning to end. Storyboards are used in television, film and video as a panel-by-panel blueprint for the final product. Photography storyboards act as unique representations of an event, person or place. When you make a photo storyboard, you panel several different pictures to bring together a unified theme. With photography software, you can make professional photo storyboards, print them to size, frame and hang them on your walls.
Before creating your photo storyboard you must first decided on the size. If this is just for web and blog only then the size really does not matter, however if your purpose is to have this printed then you will need to take into considerations what printing sizes are available to you through you local photo print lab.

Things needed:
Photoshop (elements or any of the CS series)…not necessary but helpful…there are free programs such as gimp that can do this also.

Hi-resolution photos (any quantity, but photos should be around 300dpi)

When collecting photos to use in a storyboard you want to be sure that they all relate to each other, or there is a common theme in which you can connect each one together (i.e. birthday, bath time, Easter, summer vacation, etc.)

Here are several websites....some have information about formatting and others are given just to look at examples.   Pay close attention to the flicker site for great examples...especially notice the rugby photo...a new way of creating a storyboard is to blend several photos into one.

After the information was given to the group, they were asked to find a story to tell within the library.  I thought that was pretty clever but I am not sure if anyone got the pun....oh I now know I am glad I did not choose the path of a comedian!  The 4Hers came back with several interesting ideas.  Their homework was to take the photos collected and create a story board to show the group next month.  It should be fun to see what they design!

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