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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shooting Tryouts

While Michael was away at his Hunter's training, the boys were trying out for the shooting sports team. This is the first of four days at the range.  The boys were a little confused with the set up, but hopefully Michael can work with them during the week.

Sean was the most confused....he did not understand that he was to shoot in all three shooting positions (standing, kneeling, and prone).  He set up his target for the prone position for all three targets and shot this way.  He often stopped to watch the others...knowing something was not right but not saying anything.  I tried to talk to the coach about the situation but told me not to cause him any distress.  I am not sure what that means since he was going to be in distress when he found out he did not shoot correctly.  Oh is just for fun this year and he was enjoying this for the most part.

Henry did follow the directions but was stressed since he was never taught to shoot standing or kneeling.  His form looked good to me but he says he missed most of his shots.  We will just have to wait and see.

Edward, being a junior, was allowed to remain in prone position.  He was happy to shoot as he had in the past.  He will probably have the best shot (no pun intended!) at learning the set up.  Even if it does not help him this year, maybe he can learn for the future.

I am still a little confused on how the boys are to learn how to shoot the gun and sighting through the scope.  I hope they are eventually taught to do this properly and not just make their own attempts.  We will see how it goes!

Michael did purchase a air rifle for practicing at home.  The boys were so excited to have this opportunity to work with him.  I am hoping they can go out throughout the next few days to get a better understanding of positioning and using the sight.

They will gain from any experience they are given.  I hope they are not too discouraged by their first year and will want to try again next year.

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