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Thursday, February 7, 2013

4H Meetings

Our WHEP meeting did not last very long because I got stuck behind all the slow drivers coming back from Austin.  I was thankful for Lynda being well enough to present some of the wildlife habitat management skills to the group.

By the time I arrived with the boys, she was finishing up her presentation.  I was able to talk a little about the practice contest coming over the weekend.  Then Amanda asked if anyone would like to see how to feed a snake (her new red-tailed boa had not been fed in over a week).  Every one agreed that it would be an interesting experience and the the moms agreed that it would be OK...I am sure only out of curiosity but with leery approval.  It went well and Amanda did a good job of being professional...keeping everyone away as she went through the process.  I do not think I would let her do it again but it was good for the 4Hers to see the feeding.

Then we were off to set up for the monthly club meeting.  We had plenty of time and ended up sitting around for several minutes before meeting started.  Amanda was asked not to bring her snake out during the meeting.  However, she was allowed to keep it inside because it was getting cold outside.

The club meeting went well.  We only had a few announcements and it was over within an hour.  After the pledges, Katy started us out with a poem entitled "Truths for Living" by William Arthur Ward.  This went very well with our guest speaker for the evening.  We enjoyed Al from the local radio station coming to speak to us about charity and community service.

After our normal project reports, Ms. Brenda spoke to the group about the youth fair belt buckle sponsorship, and we decided as a club to not sponsor a belt buckle this year.  We would reconsider for next year.  Also, the boys (Edward, Henry, and Sean) stood up and told two things each one enjoyed about 4H Capitol Day.  It was amazing how our boys who can be so loud were so quiet when they spoke to the group.  But all went well and we hope others will join us next time.

The meeting adjourned and then I had a brief meeting with the adult 4H volunteers about the Child Protective training that we should try to view on 4H Connect.  The idea is to have as many of our active adlt members trained by the end of the month.  This program is designed to protect our children from child abuse.  I hope to see our county in full compliance soon.

So glad we were able to make it back in time for the meeting.

I also learned the 4Hers who placed at the Food Show Extravaganza over the weekend.  Here is the list of winners from our county:

Food Show

1 Taylor Castillo

4 Barrett Duncan

Fruits and Vegetables
3 Holden Boulware

7 Victoria Guy

6 Brennan Duncan

6 Rebecca Stringer

1 Rozalinn Runnels

5 Adriana Guy

1 Corrine Caraway

Healthy Holidays Poster Contest
2 Barrett Duncan

3 Brennan Duncan

Food Challenge
3 Angelina County
Adriana Guy
Victoria Guy
Brianna Puntch
Rebecca Stringer
James Terry

1 Angelina County Emily LaRoe
Brooke LaRoe
Erin LaRoe
Laura Long

Congrats to all who worked so hard!

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