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Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Storm

So, we started out our last day of Round Up at 6am.  We ate breakfast and THOUGHT we had everything we needed loaded into the cars to set up for our Share the Fun Poetry contest.  The 4Hers started setting out our props and changing into costumes.  We realized quickly that we had forgot the hat for our 'disabled veteran' (Heather) and a white shirt for George Washington (Sean).  Eddie agreed to go back to the hotel rooms to pick up the hat and we decided George would go without the shirt.  When we realized Eddie was NOT going to make it back in time (Lubbock is a difficult city to navigate and we have been lost several times!), we started to brainstorm ideas for the disabled veteran.  We decided a bandage on the head would help.

Then we worked with the stage manager to determine how we would set up and deal with mikes.  The final decision was to NOT use mikes as they would take up too much room and confusion.  We also found out that adults would be allowed to help with set up.  We were the only group with a massive backdrop and props for the recitation of the poem.

As the 4Hers (and parents) waited for the performance to begin, it felt as if we were in a storm.  There was a constant rush of emotions as we worked out the issues that arose.  We were so thankful to get the performance underway!  I have always said that the contests are harder on the parents as we attempt to stay calm and help the 4Hers, we also want them to do their best.

However, today we were able to see the best performance of our group!  They performed well and showed honor to our flag and country.  I was so proud of them all!  They nailed every line and could be heard clearly from the back of the room.  We also decided we should recognize the importance of the poem, as it was presented on Flag Day.  Caleb added, "In honor of Flag Day, please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance."

We decided to leave right after their performance to enjoy our final day away from the contests.  We would return to find out the results at 4pm.  The group split and our group ended up at the Trade Show, which included an Ag Product ID walk up contest.  We thought the contest was a little too easy but I guess they are trying to build interest.

We then chose to go off campus and find a sit down restaurant to have lunch.  We found a Chili's and had a nice leisurely lunch enjoying each others company.  Then headed back to the room where the awards would be given.  It was pretty early but also nice to talk and relax without rushing to another event.

The results were in by 5pm and we were not told how we places as only the top ten were announced.  I know the team was disappointed (as were we) but we should be proud of being a part of the best of the best at the state level.  The storm shown through for a little while as the 4Hers had different ways of dealing with the disappointment, but they bounced back and know that they accomplished a lot in the last year due to this competition.  We also had the opportunity to share the experience with a wide range of audiences and will continue to do this throughout the fall.  I did find out that Stephen (the son of a good friend from College Station) placed second in his contest, playing The Storm.  I wish we could have heard him playing!

After returning to the hotel for a short reprieve, we headed to Fuddruckers for dinner.  Again, it was nice to have the company of others as our 3yo decided to spill his drink twice and we waited an hour (wait only 45 minutes as the man at the grill informed me)  We enjoyed the meal delivered along with several free coupons making up for our delayed dinner.

We left the building to see a brown sky.  It looked so odd to us and assumed a storm was coming.  Little did we know that we would be driving through a DUST STORM!!!!  None of us had been through anything like this before and Henry took lots of pictures of the event.  We arrived back at the hotel as the storm was passing but the dust was still out of control.  We later had a magnificent thunder storm with a beautifu lightning show.  In spite of all of that the 4Hers still headed to the indoor pool for the last time together.  Although a few headed off to a Aaron Watson concert on campus.

So tomorrow we pack up and set out on a slow trip down south of here (Alpine) for a WHEP contest.  I cannot wait to tell you all about that experience as it unfolds so stay tuned.

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