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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bugs in the Kitchen!

Well, not really...but I thought that would grab your attention!  LOL!  Today we went our separate ways and enjoyed an entomology contest for Sean.  We also sent the senior Food Challenge team to their contest.  What better combination than bugs and food, right?

Sean arrived at the Ag Building by 8:30am.  After some basic instructions, his fun began.  Brendan and I were sending entomology answers to him through telepathy...we had the flashcards we had made Sean and read through all of them as we waited!  It made us feel like we were a part of the contest as his personal fan club.  It also helped pass the time...he was done in no time and we were back at the hotel by 10:30am feeling good about how Sean had competed.  We would find out the results at 1:30pm.  He placed well with his score.  We are were glad to have this opportunity to compete and see others with the same interests.  We are not sure where he placed as only the first three places were named.  However, we do know that he scored up with some of the top in the contest.  He looks forward to trying again next year.

We raced over in time for the Food Challenge results.  It looked like the team had made the 'correct' recipe of corn cakes with brown rice and cornmeal.  There were some great teams so we were already so proud of the teams efforts in the contest.  This contest had a nice sponsor who gave all participants a whisk for competing.  We found out that the team did not place so would not go on to the final challenge.  Although disappointed the team held their heads high and raced to the orientation for tomorrow's contest...Share the Fun-Poetry.

I decided to take the younger ones to the Trade Show that was taking place in the arena.  We went around to all the booths (mainly college and interest groups) gathering little treasures like pens, pencils and candy!  We also checked out the results for the quilts and photos.  We did not find out the results for the quilt but it was fun to see all the unique designs made with the same material.  We also found out that Sean won  a blue ribbon for his train photo!  YAY!!!!  We now have the great memory of seeing the 'polar express' train but also his prize in photography.

We also met with the State 4H director. Mr. Bowman, who told Justin (connecting him with the Food Challenge) he loved the costumes and had the team's picture on his Facebook page!  Another way our seniors can be proud regardless of results.  They made an impression...a powerful mark of their character!

Then we saw a demonstration of the robotics and this made the boys that much more interested in this project!  Matt (in charge of this new project at the state level) encouraged me to look for grants and sponsorship.  So, I guess I have some work cut out for me when I get home!  I really did appreciate his interest in get this project up and running.  I look forward to working with him in the future.

We came back to the hotel to a nice home (well hotel) cooked slow cooker meal with the most of the group.  Then we ran through out lines and talked about the orientation information, minus Katy who was so exhausted fell asleep by 7pm!  Lynda filled in to say her lines.  We also added an extra line to the ending of the poem (more on that tomorrow!).  We must have been tired because we spent more time laughing at ourselves then practicing!  These are the memories we hope to remember!

As you can see the practice was quite casual with many coming from the swimming pool to recite their lines!  However, we did have a serious moment when Myra gave a motivational story about a woman she met at the State Convention last weekend to encourage the 4Hers to honor the flag.  The woman was from Columbia and was so honored to be able to vote and participate in the voting process.  She could not understand why more were not as excited.  She was encouraging those present to love the system we so easily take for granted.  Also, I cannot end the blog without sharing our other stand in (quite literally) for our flag pole, Eddie!  We could not help but look around for a flag to pledge as we usually have our prop flag.  Low and behold, Eddie was there wearing a flag shirt!  He, being a tall man, played the part well!

Katy was not the only one tired (just smart enough to admit it!), so now we are off to an early lights out as we will need to be at the campus by 7:30am to prepare for the contest.

Good night!

PS...Lynda just told me about some birds that have been roosting at the hotel.  A maintenance man confirmed they were white winged dove (on the WHEP contest this weekend).  The best part was these birds are not usually in this area.  The birds had flown in the day before we arrived by the flocks and only a few had remained!  I am convinced they were there for us to study for our contest!

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