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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Standing in Front of Wal-mart

With the success of our 4Hers, we find ourselves looking for ways to make the trip out to Lubbock for State Round Up a little less expensive.  So, we stood out in front Wal-mart (thank you for being so gracious) to raise funds.

I look at fundraising as a two-fold event.  We are trying to convince our community to help support our youth's efforts, however, it is also a way for us to get out into the community to promote the organization.  It is a good thing to let the community know that there are still good youth who are trying to learn and succeed.  Therefore, when we take the 4Hers out to events like this, they are providing a way for the community to have hope in our youth.

We decided a good old-fashioned bake sale and bucket raffle was the best option.  We also had the 4Hers at each door asking for donations. The community was generous, giving monetary donations (often without expecting anything in return) and buying our cakes and cookies.  The bucket sales were a little disappointing for some but all worked out well.  We learned a lot about spontaneous fundraisers.

Our little guys were a big help also.

So, we are not a week out until our trip west.  I will need the week to pack so no new posts for the next week most likely.  Once we are started with the Round Up week, I will try to keep you posted each night.

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