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Friday, April 20, 2012

VA Clinic and a Little Appreciation

We headed over to the VA Clinic to make our monthly round of sandwiches.  We had four other families join us this week so we ended up with more volunteers in the cafe then veterans most of the time!  We are planning to split up into groups next time to avoid confusion.  I think everyone will appreciate a few less hands at one time!

It was great to see the 4Hers take control and the parents could sit back and watch them in action as they made four different types of sandwiches.  Even the younger ones were able to help by labeling the sandwiches and taking them out to the tray.  Then they served the sandwiches, along with coffee and donuts throughout the morning.  They made over 40 sandwiches.  They were halved and bagged.  All of the sandwiches were eaten and other veterans chose donuts, so I am guessing that we served over 60 veterans!

Great job to Treyton, Brianna, Sean, Henry, Edward, Caleb, James, Rebecca, Jaron, and all the moms!

We left the clinic just in time to drive through town in a hail storm!  The hail was about the size of marbles and was coming down really hard.  The boys, of course, thought it was great fun!

We made it to a local Cajun restaurant for a volunteer luncheon.  You would never have know that there was a hail storm on the other side of town!

The luncheon was for all the volunteers from our local forestry museum.  We were very proud to represent the Lone Star 4H for the work we completed on their trail, as well as special programs and tours throughout the year.  We love helping at this museum who does so much for our 4H projects.  The regular workers are always so supportive of our efforts.  A big thank you to them for honoring us at the luncheon and most especially for all they do for us throughout the year!

The highlight of the luncheon was being able to officially thank all the hard-working foresters.  They have done so much to educate us through the years, but also protect us from harm.  The last twelve months was a real tough one for them!  The forest fires in Texas were quite consuming (literally!).

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