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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dress Rehearsal!

Before I talk about our Share the Fun dress rehearsal, I would like to take you on a little detour to brag on our Clothing & Textile group!  We went to the local women's shelter to take them our quilts and blankets made throughout the year.  We were able to turn in two quilts and 7 blankets to the shelter.  These will be given out to children who are need of special comfort during a difficult moment in their lives.  What a wonderful feeling for our 4Hers to know that they have made a difference.  We were also able to make a connection with the directors (Holly and Jill) to provide other opportunities in the future.  Holly suggested we could teach sewing lessons to the women.  Jill thought we might be able to make curtains for the apartments.  I think we have created a connection for future service opportunities!

Then, on to rehearsal we went!  Sean immediately dressed up in his costume.  Others began to show up and set up the props and background.  We had a productive evening as we made final preparations and adjustments to the presentation.  Daniel did a great job with our background.  Katy was given a final task of creating one more scene for the set.  I am looking forward to see that finished product.  We have a few costumes to perfect and gather.

We also had a special guests arrive to help us polish our act.  Krista (Texas representative for Poetry Out Loud! who is heading to National contest in two weeks) and Lorraine (her mother and instructor).  Lorraine and Krista watched the performance and gave the groups some valuable instruction on how to perform before an audience (and judges).  The adults in the group could see an immediate improvement.  A big thank you for their help!

We still need to work on our skills so we will have one last practice on Friday!  This is cutting it close but is needed to ensure that they are doing their best because contest is Saturday!

We also found out about an opportunity to present our skit to the VA Clinic next month.  This will be a fabulous event with multiple performances honoring the very group this poem was written to represent.  Everyone (including this 4H Mom) is excited to be a part of this group!  Once again helping us to 'make the best better!'

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